Mazuu Pain Ease Balm (50g)
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Mazuu Pain Ease Balm is a safer solution to your headaches and muscle pains. 50 grams per jar
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799 pesos lang po ang isang piraso ng Mazuu. Meron na po itong 50 grams at aabot po ito ng up to 3 months o higit pa kasi kaunti lang naman dapat i-apply pag nakaranas po kayo ng pananakit ng ulo at katawan.


Where and how is the product manufactured? Mazuu Pain Ease Balm is proudly made in Cebu Philippines by a licensed pharmacist using proven and tested laboratory grade methods to deliver you consistent efficacy with confidence.

What are the ingredients? It is made from natural and plant based ingredients such as eucalyptus oil, chili extract, olive oil, sunflower oil, peppermint oil, lavender oil and beeswax.

The active ingredient of Mazuu Pain Ease Balm is capsaicin. It is an extract from red chili pepper from species Capsicum frutescens. It is an effective local pain reliever for muscle pains, headaches, arthritis and muscle spasm due to stress.

What are the benefits of the product? Mazuu Pain Ease Balm is effective with the following conditions such as arthritis, neck and back pain, headaches and muscle spasm due to stress. It can be used as well as nasal decongestant and anti-inflammatory for inside bites.

Are there age restrictions? As much as Mazuu Pain Ease Balm is made from natural ingredients it has its restrictions. We do not recommend it for individuals younger than 12 years old due to its stinging effects and it may also cause allergic reactions due to sensitive skin of children in general. Pregnant women are also prohibited from using Mazuu Pain Ease Balm as it may have some potential adverse effects.

Is it FDA approved? We are in the process of procuring legitimate government papers such as a FDA. Mazuu Pain Ease Balms are only made professionally by a licensed pharmacist therefore you can be assured with its quality and efficiency.

Is it Halal Certified? Certainly certified since our Mazuu Pain Ease Balm is made from only the finest natural and plant based ingredients. No animal ingredients are mixed since the creator of the product is also an advocate of vegetarianism.

Indications? Headache, General Muscle Pain, Gas Pain, Arthritis and Insect bites.

How to Use? Apply a small amount to the affected area. Wait for 15 minutes to work.

100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee or Your Money Back! Mazuu is very confident that it guarantees that after 15 to 20 minutes from your application of Mazuu on the affected area, you will feel relief from pains.

If on your first try, after 20 minutes, you didn’t feel any relief at all, you can return the product to us and you will get a 100% refund of what you originally paid.

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